Cooking Without a Recipe: The Tuna-Spinach Fried Rice Edition

Let’s be honest, we have all gone through days when we feel too lazy to cook but have no desire of eating leftovers freshly nuked from the microwave. We’re also hungry that we need to eat something immediately. So we look in the fridge and realize that we don’t have anything instant to cook either, except for that pack of instant ramen that we want to save as a last resort. What to do now?

Well, when I found myself in such a predicament, I decided to whip up a meal made from whatever I could scavenge from our refrigerator and pantry. Here’s what I had:

I normally just eyeball everything, so I never measure unless I’m baking
  1. Leftover rice
  2. Can of tuna
  3. Egg
  4. Minced garlic
  5. Butter
  6. Lemon pepper seasoning
  7. Peri-Peri seasoning
  8. Baby spinach
  9. Ground pepper

If you ever find yourself in the same kind of bind and you have relatively similar ingredients in your home, I recommend that you try this out instead of reaching for that pack of instant ramen/Kraft Dinner/pancit canton. This is just as quick, but healthier. No salt or MSG either, so your kidneys will thank you.


  1. Melt butter on medium heat
  2. Sauté minced garlic until slightly brown (I like my fried rice garlicky so I was quite generous on the amount that I used)
  3. Toss in tuna (make sure water has been drained prior to cooking it)
  4. Toss in leftover rice
  5. Beat egg in a separate bowl and slowly mix it in the pan with the rest of the ingredients
  6. Mix pan well until egg gets slightly cooked
  7. Toss in baby spinach (washed)
  8. Season with lemon pepper powder and fresh ground pepper
  9. Add peri-peri seasoning if you like your food spicy
  10. Add ground parsley or oregano to taste

Including prep time, this bowl only took me 10 minutes to cook. I was even able to make myself a pot of tea and a glass of calamansi juice. So this may even be quicker to make than a pack of noodles. I may have already mentioned this before, but I’m the type of cook who usually does not follow a specific recipe. For the most part, if I really like a certain dish, I would try to recreate it by just remembering the taste and figuring out the process on my own. If I fail the first time, that’s when I would research the recipe out. I also like experimenting with food, so unless I’m baking, I never measure my ingredients. I just eyeball them and make the necessary flavour adjustments afterwards. They seem to have been working very well so far. No one has complained about my cooking yet.

Let me know if you end up trying this out, or if there’s a particular dish that you want me to try cooking. I will eventually be posting other recipes that I have on this blog as well so watch out for that.

Until then, happy eating!

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