They say that third time is a charm…

…so this will be my third attempt at starting a blog. Hopefully I can keep this more up to date (fingers crossed). I even bought myself a domain to motivate me to restart this passion project. Seeing a charge on my credit card provides that extra kick on the behind (although I did purchase this in December 2018 and have done nothing with it for an entire year. Yep, there goes my $80).

Since today is Mental Health Awareness Day, I thought it would be but timely to publish my (third) first entry today. A lot has happened since my last blog entry (that I have since deleted and purged). 2019 has been especially trying for me emotionally, physically, and mentally. The things I have gone through over the past year, I would not even wish it on my worst enemy. I have shed more tears last year than the past 30 years of my life. I have had many meltdowns and even found myself wishing to disappear. This has caused major concern to my family and loved ones and they have convinced me to see my doctor and a psychotherapist. That was when I was diagnosed with Anxiety and MDD (Major Depressive Disorder). Truth be told, I am still not better. I am still on medications and still seeing my therapist. I was told that all of my pent up feelings and issues will take some time to be addressed. I am merely surviving day by day, and not living my life as I want to.

Little by little I am planning on elaborating these events here on my blog as a part of my therapeutic activity. I realize now that I cannot keep everything to myself. I am so used to dealing with my issues on my own, that I find it extremely difficult to rely on anyone and to trust them with my vulnerabilities. Before this day ends, I just want to share a bit of my narrative to anyone out there who feels stuck and in despair like me. I hope that by me opening up and expressing my truth makes someone feel less alone. I am here. We got this.

2 thoughts on “They say that third time is a charm…

  1. Hug. I know there is nothing that I can say, all I can and want to do is to give you a big hug. You have my full support. Please do remember that you were, are, and will be always my inspiration. I am not so great at expressing it, as you already may know, but I will try to express more, that I can stay strong because I know I have you as a friend. Thank you, and love you!

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